What to Wear?

You’ve booked your shoot. And now the question, “What should we wear?” might be the one and only thing you’re thinking about.

My answer to this commonly asked question used to be, there’s no “perfect” outfit for a shoot. I still sort of believe this but sometimes a little thought goes a long way. In hopes of helping you out, I’ve compiled a short list of photos from shoots in recent past, that give some insight into different ways of approaching what to wear for a shoot. Included, are families that chose to dress: in all patterns, dark colors mixed with bright, matching outfits paired with solids, colors for fall vs colors for summer, adding layers when it’s cold, dressing for the weather (ie. wearing a coat is okay), adding a splash of color here and there, etc.

My go-to answer for picking your outfit is always, stick with your style. We all have our go-to “looks” and while not everyone in the family may have the same style, I personally think this is more than okay. Everyone expressing their own individual style adds personality and familiar-ness to the photos - when looking at them now or 20 years from now. It’s who you are that makes a great photo, so go for it.

All photos listed below were shot outdoors, as I think picking clothing for an outdoor shoot can be the most challenging as the background is in constant flux. Here are just a few recommendations for outdoor photos:

  1. Maybe avoid dressing in head to toe green…if we’re going to be in a park setting. Since the backdrop will likely be green, the photos will lean too monochromatic if you’re all in green. It’s good to have some contrast.

  2. This recommendation is mainly for toddlers, avoid all white - only if we’re in a park setting. If it’s a very sunny day, the light will reflect on the grass and sometimes creates a hint of green in their clothing. Also, white gets dirty fast.

  3. No white tights for any outdoor shoot. They always get dirty. Always.

  4. Heavy colors will add a bit of heaviness in your photos while lighter colors will add airiness. There’s no right or wrong on this, but something to keep in mind when selecting a color scheme or outfit.

  5. Dress correctly for the weather. Be open to changing your outfit or adjusting possibly last minute, depending on the weather (usually applicable during Fall months). If it’s a warmer day, then dressing for the warm temps is a good thing, and for a cold day, it’s always okay to wear a coat or if you prefer to add layers (ie. scarf, cardigan, light jacket) - that can possibly be removed at certain points, this works too.

  6. It’s always okay to add a mix of pattern, prints, and solids. The rule of solids is done and gone.


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