West Loop

Location: Meet just outside the studio @ 159 N Racine Ave

Notes: Featured photos are from June 2019. This location is just a few steps outside my studio and gives the best backdrop - with tons of character, colors, texture and hidden nooks with the best light. This location can work for younger children, I usually recommend saving it for older kids, as they’re less inclined to run off into an area not as safe.
• I’ve been shooting outdoors in the West Loop for many years. In recent years, the landscape and neighborhood have changed considerably. So much so, photos I’ve taken in areas of the neighborhood in past years can not be duplicated since the location no longer exists. That said, the example below is from recent months, June of 2019. Even with the changes, there are still a ton of areas to hop around to for great photos.

Here are two links to view older sessions in the West Loop: Outside the Studio & Urban Twins

Cons: None. If it starts to rain, we can always jump into the studio.


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