Outdoor Location Ideas for
Photo Sessions


The locations below, include a variety of great Chicago destinations and a few areas in nearby suburbs that are fantastic for a photo session. Keep in mind, taking photos just outside your home and walking around the neighborhood can always be a great spot too - an example, is the Logan Square feature.


• Click on any photo to view: a larger gallery of images & notes on each location.

Lincoln Park • Honeycomb

Chicago Women’s Park/Garden

Winnemac Park

Oz Park


Skinner Park


Montrose Harbor • Bird Sanctuary


Mary Bartleme Park


Chicago Planetarium


West Loop

Milton Lee Olive Park


31st Beach/Park




Graue Mill



Logan Square


Ipsento 606 Cafe


Garden of the Phoenix


St. James Farm Preserve

Garfield Conservatory


Millenium Park


Lighthouse Beach • Evanston


Gillson Park & Beach