31st Street Park & Beach

Location: 3100 S. Lake Shore Drive

• Notes: Featured photos were shot in the morning, during the Summer. This is a really pretty location for a different perspective of the city skyline, with a park, beach and plenty of space to roam. With this location, I recommend grabbing photos in the park area (just west of the beach) first for variety. Booking this location earlier in the day is recommended, because of crowds at the beach and if a warm day, there’s little shade nearby. Metered parking is available. During the summer season, the lots fill up sometimes after noon. The city skyline is visible facing north from this vantage point. If it’s a bright sunny day, it makes it a little tricky to get photos of the skyline but still doable (almost).

•Cons: With most beach sessions, if we shoot only on the beach, there aren’t any shaded areas.


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